"It is nice to have an extra support person. Candace did a great job! She seems like she really enjoys what she does." - Vicki R., Fountain, CO

"Candace played a vital role in our birth experience. I don't think we could have
had the natural birth we wanted without her. Her fees are incredibly reasonable
for all that you get and she made us feel so comfortable, like she really cared
about us. My husband found her help and support invaluable."
- Marlo C.,
Monument, CO

"We were able to have the birthing experience we wanted, thanks to our birthing
instructor and doula from the Westside Birth Connection."
- Victoria J., Colorado
Springs, CO

"Candace's encouragement and support before, during and after the birth of
our son helped us to have a very satisfying birth experience. I would highly
recommend her and will definitely be calling her for any future pregnancies!"
Merry D., Colorado Springs, CO

"What a wonderful experience. Thank you for helping us to have the birth we
- Ami O., Colorado Springs, CO

"Candace was great - I recommend her to anyone." - Kelly S. & Tony P.,
Colorado Springs, CO

"Having a doula was instrumental in our success in having a natural birth." -
Wendi K., Colorado Springs, CO

"Working with Candace is so easy, so natural. You feel like you have a friend
by your side every step of the way. Such a blessing!"
- Kelly L., Colorado
Springs, CO

"Candace instantly made me feel calm and in control. Her presence was
extremely comforting."
- Laura T., Colorado Springs, CO