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Childbirth Education

I provide informative, interactive, confidence-building classes that leave parents with the feeling of trust in the child birthing process. The classes are eclectic in nature, pulling information from independent resources such as Dr. Robert Bradley, Lamaze Institute for Normal Birth, author Sheila Kitzinger and midwife Ina May Gaskin.

We focus on breathing techniques and many different comfort techniques that I have learned from my experience attending births as a doula, both in the hospital setting and the home setting. I offer discounts for active military families, low income families and my current doula clients.

GROUP classes are offered on Tuesday evenings at 6pm at Beginnings Birth Center on the northeast side of Colorado Springs. Group classes are 8 weeks long, which includes multi-dimensional instruction, a ten chapter student notebook and unlimited phone / email support. For a schedule of current classes, please visit my Facebook page and click on the “Events” tab. If you have given birth before, please feel free to pick and choose the classes you would like to be “refreshed” on, only $40 per class (see the class outline for more details). To reserve your spot in a class, please register on my calendar.

PRIVATE classes (currently unavailable) will consist of one-on-one instruction at my home office at the Garden of the Gods and Centennial area. We would take about 10 chapters of information and condense it down into 5-6 visits of 2-3 hours in length each and you would choose one of my monthly breastfeeding classes to attend. It would require a lot of at home reading and comfort technique practice on the student’s part. I would also give homework assignments and videos for students to watch. As far as scheduling, we would make up a time that worked for both the student couple and I.

ACCELERATED classes (currently unavailable) are designed for parents who have given birth before and need more of a refresher-type course. Instruction would take place at Beginnings Birth Center in northeast Colorado Springs and may consist of 2 or more couples. We would concentrate on birth plans/goals, relaxation techniques, massage techniques, counter pressure techniques, and other comfort measures to be used in labor. All of this will be accomplished in two sessions of 3 hours in length each.

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